NGO Ukraine SOS coordination center is coordinating those who stay in Kharkiv, those who evacuate westward and to Europe, volunteers, and everyone who would like to help others.

We collect general information, such as how to contact police or SBU (National Security Service of Ukraine), where to pick up humanitarian aid etc., and share it with those who remain in Kharkiv at this time.

We coordinate activity of volunteers who distribute humanitarian aid in different parts of Kharkiv.

We search for means of transportation in Kharkiv for those who need to move around the city or leave it.

We coordinate evacuation of civilians on the route Kharkiv - Western Ukraine - Europe and help them find transportation, food, and overnight stay while on the road.

We take women, children, and men over the age of 60 to the border checkpoints.

We assist with reception, placement, and further relocation of Ukrainians in Poland, Romania, and other EU countries.